Syposium Name: BIOMED 2022 – 26th International Biomedical Science and Technology Symposium

Symposium Dates: 25-27 Nov, 2022

Symposium Format: Online

Symposium Language: The official language of the symposium is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided.

Official Website:
Our website is updated regularly. Please visit.

Certificate of Attendance: Certificate of attendance will be sent by e-mail to registered participants.

Oral Presentations: Oral presentations should be in English. Information will be provided about the limitations on the number of slides, the file size and other rules.

Poster Presentations: Poster presentations should be in English. Poster presentations will be in the form of a 3-minute short presentation (max 3 slides; ppt or pdf).

Proceedings Book: All accepted abstracts of registered participants will be published in the electronic Proceedings Book (with ISBN).

Sponsorship: Please contact for BIOMED 2022 Sponsorship Information

Full-Text Papers: Oral presenters will have the opportunity to publish their work as Full Text in the Proceedings Book, if they so desire.

October 30, 2022

November 6, 2022 

September 26, 2022 – October 21, 2022

October 22, 2022 – November 18, 2022

November 25-27, 2022